What to Look for in an EndPoint Backup Solution for MSP

Backups, in general, are used by enterprises and small businesses to secure their server data. But when a personal desktop or laptop of an end-user is getting backed up by a user, it is referred to as EndPoint backups. A lot of reputable software companies provide free EndPoint backups. But, what should you consider the most when choosing the software that can be your hero in obtaining the best EndPoint backup solution for MSP?

Data loss can cause massive damage to your corporate reputation and critical business operations. This is why I will address and share with you the pinpoints of the EndPoint backup solution and what precisely should you take into consideration.

Multi-tenancy and policy

Multi-tenancy features that can enable service providers to operationalize the industry’s only EndPoint platform with real-time pre- and post-infection protection and automated customized incident response across multiple customer environments.

Managing and monitoring all of your customers is what is required with the backup you choose. Take into consideration if the provider delivers you a specific sort of panel or console from which you can smoothly manage your operations.

Remember that you need to set up policies in order to define backup directories, storage, frequency, and retention.

Robust EndPoint data backup

Robust EndPoint backup solutions are designed to treat issues and keep on going. Practically if you find a solution that integrates with the name service, supports single sign-on, and most importantly — a solution that can continue to backup from the point of view of failure, then this is a great plus.

Robust EndPoint backup means to provide reliable backup and recovery as a service for Windows PCs and laptops, as well as managing them.

Provide storage services from the cloud

Cloud storage backup is a data copying strategy that involves removing data from the managed protection service provider. Can replace or upgrade on-premise backups.

If it’s in the cloud of your preferred provider, then you shouldn’t worry at all. Bear in mind that you already purchased the software product, and you definitely shouldn’t be left to dig deep if you are into trouble. The cloud storage service is undoubtedly one of the factors when deciding what product to purchase for EndPoint backup.

Freedom of choosing the package

Most of us have encountered an issue when purchasing online software, and you actually needed just a small piece of the cake or a subscription for one month only. Well, your destined EndPoint backup provider should possess all the freedom you want.

You may want to start with a subscription of one month, and later you can update the purchase into a long period since you were satisfied with their service. Get in touch with the live support of every product you find on the market. It would be better to know the benefits before you dive into purchasing.

Back up roaming endpoints

MSPs should benefit from a fully functional issue of the backup solution for EndPoint.

As the use of mobile devices in the workforce increases, so does the need to protect that mobile data. An increasing amount of sensitive corporate data exists outside of the company’s more secure servers, on end-user devices. However, corporate EndPoint device use is increasing at such a rate that the EndPoint security situation is struggling to catch up. Without reliable EndPoint backup, EndPoint data risks being compromised.

The understanding of what constitutes an EndPoint changes rapidly, as the network perimeter dissolves. As technology evolves to meet changing business needs, a wide range of devices connects to the network.

With end-to-end security continuing to adapt to changes in the corporate usage of mobile devices, backup is the level of insurance that business needs. When looking for the right EndPoint backup solution for you and your business, consider what each approach offers and what your business requires.

Exceptional 24/7 support

Imagine you have a bad morning when some of the files in the EndPoint directory are gone, and you are urgently seeking to solve the issue as soon as possible. You select the online chat button or contact us, and you are on a waitlist saying that you are number 63 in order, and the estimated time of waiting to speak with their representative is about 30 minutes. The first thought would be an impolite manner of speaking and expressing, which will get you nervous in no time.

And on the other hand, imagine you are having the same issue, but this time, when you select the online chat button, in no time, a person appears saying that you need to type him the code sent to your email.

100% of us would choose the second example.

We all are aware of how important is the live support of the provider we choose in EndPoint backup. Me personally, when seeing a chatbot or FAQ without live chat, I keep on researching to find my appropriate partner for achieving my goals.

Manage all backups centrally

Most EndPoint backup solutions involve an agent working on the EndPoint. Will there be any impact because of that? Yes, of course. But reasonable solutions can minimize the impact and ensure that the user experience for your employees remains desirable. Look for solutions that can operate at a reduced priority level, are sensitive to CPU usage, memory, and network bandwidth.

A single console from where you can manage all backups centrally is a great achievement and also a great favor when deciding what EndPoint backup should you choose. The simpler the better. And much more comfortable than you can ever imagine.

Final Words

EndPoint backup is often overlooked, and yet the company’s computers and laptops store valuable business data. If they are lost, damaged, or attacked by malware or ransom, you will have to be prepared with a backup solution that enables you to do so with ease, through a multi-tenant management console where you can manage all your customers’ backups. Be more convenient with the solution you choose, rather than having headaches and constantly complaining about the service.




Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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