Understanding Managed Backup

Novica Gijevski
5 min readJul 22, 2020

The rapid improvements in technology bring more cautiousness and awareness because of cyber threats that increase each year exponentially. That’s why it is necessary to secure storage and backup services for critical data is key to the survival of small businesses.

Managed backup refers to software designed to run web servers to manage all aspects of it through a web interface. The managed backup allows the user to access and automatically monitor servers and other devices on the network. The introduction of managed backup software helps to provide a platform for building, deploying, and maintaining servers that ultimately help ensure better performance.

What’s the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Backup?

Unmanaged backup is the backup software that tries to work and back up your data on its own, without human intervention. In essence, it is a process of “great performance.” If it works, then great, if not, oh, well. The good news is, no one needs to do anything to make the backup operation in full.

The bad news is that something might annoy you and leave you without backups for months or years without you knowing it. It can happen so many times. Unmanaged backups aren’t the favorite ones since you need specific management in order to gain the full backup service that is necessary for you.

On the other side, managed backup is the software that works automatically and strives to get a successful backup of your data. Still, unlike the “great performance” provided by an unmanaged backup, a third party is responsible as a managed service for checking backups for you as a client. If the job fails or has any problems, then this team is competent to proactively address the client and solve the problem until a resolution is reached and a successful backup is made again.

So, indeed, a managed backup solution is all that unmanaged backup cannot provide, plus an added layer of security and comfort to let you know that your valuable data is secure.

Small businesses simply do not have the luxury of extended downtimes or reams of lost data. This is why many of these businesses turn to managed backups and flexible storage providers to help secure their critical data.

Understanding Backup Services

Managed backup services provide a centralized data center. These services allow small businesses to store their data in a state-of-the-art, highly secure, and centrally located facility.

These service providers offer customers peace of mind that comes from eliminating the risk of human error by automating the backup system for all data files. In a typically managed backup plan, all data will be captured, compressed, encrypted, and transferred to the backup service provider’s server on a remote location.

Most managed backups consistently work to copy new data on arrival. However, some models perform night backups for their customers.

For small businesses, managed backup services give them the freedom to believe that their data is secure, without finding space or money to accommodate a local team of IT experts to ensure a regular and efficient copy of critical mission data. To find out about the specific contributions of a managed hosting provider, ask to talk to a customer service representative.

What to Consider When Looking for a Backup Service Manager

Recognizing the world we now live in, the need for a secure backup of non-side business information that is crucial to the mission is indisputable for all businesses. Small and medium-sized companies and enterprises that manage a lot of data require scalable, secure, and economic systems to manage, store, and recover data from a computer network with minimal user aid.

The challenge of finding the right managed service backup comes with an understanding of what your business needs to consider to make the right choice. Here are the abilities you should consider when choosing a backup service manager:

  1. Data Accessibility — Direct access to your backup without spending time on physical transportation — this is what your business needs and make sure your solution provider can meet the goals of your recovery time and the goals of the recovery point, which determine how quickly you can update your data and maintain continuity of operation.
  2. Breadth of Offerings — Your business should consider choosing a managed backup service provider that can handle your needs and offer the features you need to ensure the level of service you expect. A variety of backup methods, deduplication, and delta-block technologies will improve performance, reduce your data rates, and save you money.
  3. Ensuring That All Regulatory Compliance Measures Are Met — Many companies have issues when it comes to satisfying their needs in privacy, security, and data retention regulations. You should look for a robust compliance partner who can fulfill the needs of your business and ensure that all regulatory compliance measures are met.
  4. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning — Make sure that your provider can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan, and you can configure your backup so that you can recover quickly.
  5. Reliability of Backup Methods — When you sign off your responsibilities using a managed backup provider, you need to make sure it makes the right choices for you. Take a full review of their product to have a better insight of what backup you are purchasing.
  6. Robust Security Measures — Your chosen backup provider should use storage centers that are protected by security systems. The Internet connection must be great to make sure that you are always kept neat and connected.
  7. 24/7 Support — One of the most important things you should consider when choosing the provider. Ensure that the provider has his own support team of people who will support you 24 hours in the day/7 days a week. Do not be fooled with chatbots or automatic questions that can solve your issues. Only an established person from the support team of your provider can help you.


In fact, it is down to you to choose the rightful and proper managed backup provider. There are plenty of solutions in the market, but you can barely find a better solution than the following: https://www.altaro.com/msp-solutions/. Protect your data and protect your business if you are striving to become successful and provide value to the customers.



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