Top Backup Solutions for Physical Servers

Novica Gijevski
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Server administrators are faced with a variety of Windows backup options for backup servers. Still, they often struggle to find a solution that offers the level of simple management, advanced scheduling, and accessibility of the storage device they need for their backup plans.

Windows Server Backup Solutions is designed to back up servers and quickly recover all business data, including individual files, applications, virtual environments, or your entire system, including your OS — all centrally managed, with maximum flexibility for administrators.

Top Backup Solutions for physical servers

Server backup software can secure storage of your important information on a remote cloud or server and save you from losing important data in the event of a technical malfunction or human error. Server backup systems differ in the storage that facilitates it.

Data can be stored on remote servers in the cloud or on any home hardware device. These server backup solutions can ensure your business data security and provide easy access to data simultaneously. The following list of server backup tools can help you choose the compatible with your business requirements.


Veeam, as one of the leaders in backup solutions, takes protection and recovery to another level with the introduction of the NEW Veeam package v10 that provides state-of-the-art data protection for NAS, significantly improved ransomware protection, and expanded fast recovery options. Greater platform extensibility, data mining via API, and over 150 enhancements make Veeam a complete data management and protection solution for hybrid environments.


With the fundamental features it offers, the Altaro solution, MSPs, IT resellers, and IT consultants can use their exceptional backup software for MSPs to back up their customers’ physical Windows servers and their Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines (VMs).

Moreover, they can manage their customers’ physical Windows server backups from the same multi-tenant online management console as their VM backups, making it super easy and convenient for them to manage all their customers’ server backups from one central location.

It provides robust, streamlined, enterprise-level functionality characterized by ease of use, convenience, speed, and premium support.


SolarWinds Backup is the cloud-first data protection service for servers, workstations, critical business documents, and Microsoft 365; all operated from a centralized web-based dashboard. SolarWinds was created for the cloud to optimize fast, efficient data transfer that minimizes network bandwidth usage.


BackupVault is a leading provider of fully automated, fully encrypted cloud server backups. They are 100% based in the UK and have confidence in over 1000 organizations worldwide, from small businesses and schools to public sector clients and large corporations.

By combining enterprise-class technology with outstanding support and customer service, BackupVault relieves the stress of protecting your data on Microsoft Office 365 servers, computers, laptops, and cloud applications.


Carbonite offers all the necessary tools to protect data from the most common data loss forms, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures, and natural disasters. From automatic computer backup to comprehensive protection for physical and virtual server environments, Carbonite provides data accessibility and flexibility for any system.


Acronis sets a high limit on next-generation data protection with innovative security features. Protects all company data sources on the 20+ platform, regardless of data size or location. Proactively prevents ransomware attacks with unique AI-based technologies that prevent system inaccessibility caused by 99.99 percent of ransomware attacks. Acronis ensures business continuity with the immediate and secure return of all data.


NAKIVO is designed to back up VMware vSphere and AWS EC2 onsite, off-site, or in the cloud. Features include support for live and VSS applications, GFS retention, file, object-level recovery, global deduplication, compression, AES-256 encryption, and automatic reporting.

The backup destination can stay anywhere: at the same location, off-site, or in the cloud. You can keep multiple backup copies of your backup to different destinations.


BaCula Systems is a leading Enterprise Open Core network recovery and recovery software company, combining Bacula’s enterprise standard software with first-class support and professional services.

With millions of downloads to the community project, Bacula Enterprise is one of the most popular Open Core Software solutions for network backup, data recovery, and computer data protection.


Rubrik provides instant access to applications for hybrid cloud recovery, search, cloud, and development utilities. Using the leading cloud data management platform, clients mobilize applications, automate protection policies, recover from ransomware, search and analyze application data across a single platform.


Barracuda Backup makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to protect all your data from cybercriminals, natural disasters, hardware failures, and more. Physical, Virtual, Cloud, and SaaS — the only integrated solution to keep all your data safe.


Vembu BDR Suite is a portfolio of software products that meet organizations’ backup and disaster recovery needs. Helps protect their data hosted in both physical and virtual environments.

The products under the package address the data protection needs of organizations of any size — from the simple IT set-up of small and medium-sized businesses to highly sophisticated data centers.


Iperius Backup is a powerful backup software for servers and computers. Trust from thousands of companies in more than 160 countries. The interface gives you a sense of user-friendliness, and the core of the program retains the appeal and power given by pro-level features. Iperius Backup is the perfect balance between value and price.


Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery is a unique, powerful backup software solution for data protection — wherever your data is alive.


Asigra is an Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) software platform that MSPs host and operate independently as part of your service portfolio. And because MPS owns them, they control their customer relationship, margins, and prices, making MSPs more valuable to the potential buyer. MSPs are valued in part for their number of secure customer relationships — the ones where they own what they sell and control the price, quality, service, and customer communication.


By all means, I have a favorite to recommend the top backup solution for physical servers. It is Altaro Multi-Tenant Physical Backup. It offers a backup and restores it to a virtual environment (as a virtual disk or a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V hypervisor).



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