Top 3 Social Media Influencers You Need to Follow

Novica Gijevski
3 min readMay 12, 2021

The rise of technology and the growing popularity of social media platforms have increased users’ interest in gaining more information.

It doesn’t matter if it is a piece of fashion advice or any technical knowledge that they can intake. The audience is always looking for the right direction from the right people.

But, who are these right people? In the digital age that we live in, they are called social media influencers.

They make good use of the mighty power of social media to engage with prospects and raise awareness about various issues.

Their advice is followed and considered by the masses that, in a way, also help them expand their reach to more people.

From fashion tips to social issues to even recent tech news, these social media influencers cover a broad range of categories.

With a massive following on their respective social handles, they can quickly deliver the message they intend to.

People love the unique and creative measures adopted by these influencers to promote specific products, ideologies, or even awareness about sensitive issues such as climate change.

However, when almost everyone with a decent number of followers starts calling themselves an influencer, it often becomes challenging to find the right social media stars who are the real influencers.

To help you in this hunt, we have curated a list of the top 3 social media influencers utilizing the full potential of social media.

Wonder who they are?

Read on to find.

1. Victor Hathaway

Victor Hataway is the man behind one of the best Instagram pages in terms of content, the 6amsuccsess.

He is a proven businessman, an exceptional leader with excellent strategic and marketing knowledge, which he constantly shares with his broad audience of more than 2 million followers.

Victor is frequently engaged with the audience and shares many motivational quotes to get you inspired throughout the day. This San Francisco-based marketing professional is one to watch or, in this term, follow in the near future.

2. Erik Bergman

Erik Bergman is a successful businessman who made more than $50 million before turning 30. He is the co-founder of a marketing group called Catena Media.

In 2017 Erik left his marketing group to start

It’s an Online Casino Affiliate company that gives away 100% of its profit to prevent the climate change crisis.

Erik has a broad audience on social networks with more than 450 000 followers that he teaches and inspires daily on his Instagram page.

He shares exciting stories and posts trying to inspire the audience. If you are looking to get your entrepreneurial spirit woken or learn how to love life and keep smiling, Erik is the right person to follow.

3. Amber Lilyestrom

She is an up-and-coming influencer that teaches her audience about brand strategy and does business coaching.

Amber is a firm believer in the giant leap, meaning that every successful branding requires a big leap of faith, and you can’t deny that!

She also has a podcast called “The Amber Lilyestrom Show”, where she talks about business, wellness, health, and many other things.

Her audience is more than 150 000 followers that she teaches and entertains daily on her Instagram page.



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