Top 10 Podcasts to Follow This Year

Novica Gijevski
5 min readJun 6, 2022

Podcasts are quickly emerging as the favorite pastime of the day for millions. What’s more interesting is that podcasts offer a different method of conveying information.

So it makes sense that some of the biggest podcasters on iTunes and Spotify attract millions of listeners. But what are the top 10 podcasts to follow this year?

We’re here to give you a list that will make your day less boring. While you’ve probably heard about some of these, we will add a few selections to make things more interesting.

Let’s start.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE)

The Joe Rogan Experience is arguably one of the most popular podcasts. If you’re not listening to it, now is the time to jump in. Unlike most podcasts where the hosts talk about a specific theme, there are no rules with the Joe Rogan Experience.

First launched in 2009, the podcast invites guests from all walks of life to share their stories and experiences. As of late, the podcast has taken a more political twist and dives deeper into social sciences, current world affairs, and things happening on US soil.

But every now and then, Joe will invite a guest to share their weird experiences with Chimpanzees and Apes.

JRE doesn’t shy away from two to three-hour long conversations, as the goal is to educate the listener.

Becoming Great

Becoming Great is a podcast that hopes to achieve one goal — give the listener the most value per minute. Hosted by Erik Bregman and Emil Ekvardt, Becoming Great is a podcast that details the journey of Erik Bergman and the creation of a charitable organization with philanthropy at its core.

The podcast offers a deep dive into each step of building, a company that gives 100% of its profits to help the environment. In addition, the hosts talk about how to improve yourself, both professionally and spiritually, how to awaken your inner entrepreneur and more.

The episodes are full of life-changing advice that the listener can use to make a change and hopefully do the same for the environment.

Rabbit Hole

If listening to never-ending mysteries is your cup of tea, Rabbit Hole is a podcast to listen to this year. The podcast host, Kevin Ross from the New York Times, is uncovering internet “rabbit holes” and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

Rabbit Hole is an eight-part podcast series that can be intimidating at times. Some of the stuff Ross talks about is truly eye-opening and hard to forget.

Bodega Boys

A podcast about pop culture, Bodega Boys offers comedic relief when we need it the most. The podcast is hosted by Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, two guys from the Bronx that know how to rock a conversation.

The podcast has more than 250 episodes, which is more than enough to satisfy your taste for a good listen. Bodega Boys is all raw, unplugged, and the hosts don’t hold back.


What do Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett have in common? Apart from being movie stars, they’re also the hosts of SmartLess.

SmartLess is a podcast for the casual viewer and the one that cannot stand the ride to work. SmartLess invites celebrities and politicians for a chat and leaves them completely surprised why they’re there.

Namely, the podcast has a thing for inviting celebrities that only one of the hosts knows about. The two other hosts have no idea who the guest is. This is a reoccurring theme every episode.

Quiz Quiz, Bang Bang

If you love trivia, Quiz Quiz, Bang Bang is the podcast to listen to this year. The point of the podcast is to educate you on the weirdest and most unnecessary facts imaginable. Have you ever wondered what’s a male duck called? Well, you’ll find the answer on Quiz Quiz, Bang Bang.

Hosted by Annie and David Flora, the podcast offers immense fun. Adding to the brilliance of the podcast is the jazzy music playing in the background. The purpose of the jazzy music is to simulate being in a pub and playing trivia games with your coworkers.

Writers on Film

Writers on Film is a podcast that invites writers who’ve written the books for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits. The podcast offers immense fun and is definitely a top pick if you’re a film head.

The host, John Bleasdale, dives into as much detail as possible whenever a writer takes the hot seat. He also puts in the effort to supplement his episodes with facts and anecdotes.

10 Things That Scare Me

10 Things That Scare Me isn’t like your usual podcast. Instead, it invites strangers to talk about their biggest fear. Although you’re supposed to listen to podcasts, the show makes an excellent effort to put the host in a dark room and sit alone while talking about the things that scare them.

Each episode brings something new to the table, and the show makes an effort to diversify the fears. That shouldn’t put you off from giving it a try, as the podcast is immensely fun to listen to.

The Dropout

The Dropout is a podcast about one of the world’s biggest con artists — Elizabeth Holmes. And no, we don’t mean a close relative of Sherlock Holmes but rather a “brilliant” person that managed to fool everybody with her company that promised to change the way we test blood.

The podcast dives deeper into who Elizabeth is, what her company Theranos was, and how she managed to steal billions of dollars.

Table Manners

Table Manners is a British podcast hosted by singer Jessie Ware and her mum. The point of Table Manners is to invite celebrities for a chat and have a good time. Popular guests include Paul McCarney, Ed Sheeran, and plenty of UK politicians.

In many episodes, Jessie’s brother makes an introduction and prepares a delicious meal for the host. But the thing is, they must promise to give their honest opinion on his cooking.


That concludes our article on the top 10 podcasts to listen to this year. We hope you like our list and will give some of these podcasts a try during your spare time.



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