The Difference Between Intelligence And Education

People today often confuse education with intelligence, and that is why it is important to differentiate.

Just because someone graduated from college or read hundreds of books does not mean that they are intelligent and can handle difficult situations.

There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence.

It is one thing to memorize, say, a chemical formula and then come up with a reaction, and it is quite another to understand what happened. Recognition of certain things is mainly superficial and related to observation and memory. But the understanding is something more profound — the natural curiosity that seeks to explain the cause.

Intelligence has prompted great minds to come up with innovative discoveries. They followed in their footsteps, were curious, connected, and explored new possibilities considered impossible.

The broad context is a reflection of intelligence.

Isolated thinking about specific facts is a useless waste of time. But linking those facts to create a bigger picture is intelligence. People with high intelligence experience a particular detail as part of the big puzzle, so they look for a second, third part until they get the complete picture.

They understand the relationship between some things, which they are trying to understand, that connection.

People for whom intelligence is not a strong point, but are educated and well-read, have a habit of not worrying too much about things that are outside their narrower field of thinking.

It is crucial to put an end to the meaningless discussion.

Many people can argue well and defend their views, but that sometimes leads to arguments and negative energy.

That is why it is essential to know how to be silent, give in, and resolve a situation of your own free will. People who have a lower level of intelligence, and are quite educated, have a very high opinion of themselves, and when arguing, they have a strong need to prove that they are right.

They do not think that anything can be learned from anyone, whether they are educated, well-read, or not. They do not realize that a person can be pretty intelligent and knows practically everything, even though he may never have gone to school.

You need to know how a thing can affect others.

An intelligent person can predict how his actions and words will affect other people. It may be empathy, but that ability reflects an individual’s intelligence and cannot be learned from books. It is about the ability to identify with someone else. Then decisions are made that are best for the situation.

People who do not have this ability can not understand why their words and actions affect someone in a certain way and cause-specific reactions.

An intelligent person continuously learns from others.

Intelligent people never pretend to be the smartest in the world.

“I am the wisest because I know that I know nothing”, said Socrates.

Intelligent individuals are aware of their limitations and willing to admit when they do not know something and listen to other people learn something from them.

Filling your head with a lot of information is characteristic of people who believe that they are pretty intelligent, but only well educated and well-read. It is difficult for them to admit when they are wrong, and this is because they are limited in their thinking.




Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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