Microsoft 365: 7 Tricks to Make You More Productive

Mastering the latest Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) productivity tips and discovering new hacks on Microsoft Office 365 are a beneficial way to get the most out of your Office 365 experience — but more importantly, work smarter and be productive as possible when working from home.

Here are seven tips and tricks to use when using Microsoft 365 for work:

Learn Microsoft 365 while you work:

1. Use “Tell Me”

Do you feel like a new person to Microsoft 365? Then it would be best if you used “Tell me” — a text box where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get to the features you want to use or the actions you want to perform.

When editing a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in Office Online, you can access Tell Me by tapping the light on the tabs’ right.

2. Co-authorship of documents

One of the great features of Microsoft 365 over the Internet is the ability to collaborate and edit documents with your colleagues — no matter where you are.

By saving your files to OneDrive or SharePoint, you can instantly share them with your co-workers and keep track of their changes as you work on a finished project or document. Work together on contracts and workbooks for Excel from the comfort of your home office. Learn more about how you do this here:

3. Attach Sharepoint files

Instead of going through the tedious process of attaching files via email, use the Share + feature in Sharepoint to add a shared link to your email). This saves valuable space in your inbox and saves minutes from the task — giving you more time for other responsibilities.

4. Create groups

Creating Office 365 Groups allows you to maintain communication with specific departments and colleagues in your business using the parameters you set. Once you have created a group, you can share a calendar between members, exchange files and, of course, chat conveniently.

5. DocuSign

Did you know that you can get any document signed in Word or Outlook without the hassle of printing and scanning? DocuSign lets you sign, send, and manage documents anywhere on any device, and they are also secure and legally compliant.

6. Meeting scheduling assistant

Instead of sending emails back and forth for half an hour to find a convenient appointment time, use Microsoft Scheduling Assistant. When sharing calendars, you can use the Schedule Assistant to find time to get together.

How to do this: Create an event on your calendar and add the people you want to invite. Then use the “Schedule Assistant” selection to drag and drop time out of the calendar that turns green. That means everyone is available.

7. Mention someone to get their attention

One of the things people miss about working from home is not being able to show up at someone’s desk to get their attention, or when we work in an office with someone, we can say, “Hey, John!”

Additional tip: It is suggested that all businesses across the globe utilize backup for Office 365 different from the Microsoft Office 365 backup. The backup from Microsoft is not recommended at all, so you should consider a robust Office 365 backup to keep your critical data safe.



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