Keep Safe From Ransomware and Viruses With Microsoft Office 365 Backup

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Cyber-attacks have been on our minds since many ransomware attacks have already taken place. However, it is important to remember that ransomware attacks can affect any kind of business and cause more problems. Infected data may become unavailable and can trigger the alarm for further attacks of this nature.

Previously targeted at computers and servers, ransomware viruses are now targeting Office 365 and encrypting users throughout the entire email history and SharePoint documents. In the last couple of years, there was a 1000% increase in ransomware attacks on business activities.

How can ransomware infect office 365 files, especially SharePoint Online or OneDrive?

Ransomware must be running on a local computer or server. It cannot work in Office 365. This means that ransomware can infect files stored in Office 365 in two ways.

1. If you use the Explorer open feature to map network disks to document libraries in Office 365 — the ransomware can scan linked disks and infect any files it finds.

2. If you sync files from document libraries using the OneDrive Sync Client — these files are a copy of Internet files sitting locally on your PC or Mac. After that, the infected files are synced with Office 365.

Where is my Office 365 data stored?

There are various file storage options in Office 365. Most of this data is located on a SharePoint farm hosted by Microsoft, and you connect to the Internet. Still, the front end that users interact with may be OneDrive for Business, Groups 365 Microsoft Teams, or SharePoint Page.

What files does Microsoft scan for malware?

Microsoft scans malware for files over 25 MB because they are placed on Office 365, and if they are identified, it places a flag of the property next to the document. However, Microsoft says: “These antivirus features in SharePoint Online are a way to contain viruses. “They are not the only point of defense against malware in your environment.”

What does the end-user see when downloading an infected file?

Microsoft adds additional warnings when trying to download an infected file. Still, the administrator has no way to get a preview of files that are marked as malicious, and users can replace this warning and still download the file.

What backup and recovery options does Microsoft offer?

Microsoft backs up SharePoint Online data every 12 hours and retains that data for up to 14 days. The options for restoring this data are limited. For example, you can restore the data only at the page collection level. The data recovery is in place, which means that it will replace all the data currently sitting on the Page Collection page Or “OneDrive for Business.” These days page collections support up to 25TB.

Why third-party Microsoft Office 365 backup is crucial?

Because you can regain control of Microsoft 365 data, manage unnecessary costs, and maintain your business with a secure cloud-to-cloud third-party backup solution. You can stay consistent with the right solution while you have quick access to your data that avoids any hiccups caused by a fake employee, malicious attack (ransomware), or everyday human error.

Backing up important files and documents so that you can back up your security data quickly is the key to avoiding disaster.

One might think that vendors are the first line of defense to protect their own system or application data. But when it comes to Microsoft 365 in particular, there is no real backup for users and no self-service recovery option. This means a lack of IT control is available to back up Microsoft 365 data completely securely.

Consider these disadvantages:

  • Saved files are only related to the version history, so if a file is deleted, there is no way to go back and restore the previous version — everything is gone. (This approach is different from backup, which offers multiple restore points.) This limitation is particularly challenging for OneDrive and SharePoint users who generate multiple drafts or iterations. It is also impossible to restore the file to another user.
  • The user’s trash can be controlled, leaving the door open for users to delete whatever they want. This means that the sacred files can be permanently cleaned before an employee leaves the organization.
  • Data retention policies are limited and restrictive. For example, special settings must be established to recover files over a certain number of days; this number varies and is not well documented. Keeping data too long can also be a risk of compliance as well as costly. (Long-term retention through Microsoft In-Place Archive serves as a second storage bin that increases memory usage.) In the meantime, it is often necessary to be able to recover older data.
  • Microsoft controls improvisation or deleting accounts after being closed, so access to the data is only allowed for a limited time. This puts you at risk of violating regulatory retention policies due to data loss potential through deactivated subscriptions.

That being said, the solution for all of the issues to being safe and secure from viruses and ransomware is right in front of your nose. Its called Altaro Office 365 Backup, and it’s quite easy to use. Altaro’s monthly subscription program enables service providers, IT resellers, and IT consultants to provide backup and restore services for Office 365 mailboxes and files within OneDrive and SharePoint.

You can take backups of clients and manage and track them through the multi-tenant, Altaro cloud-based console. Backups are automatically saved in Altaro’s Azure infrastructure. Simply pay per user per month. One monthly subscription includes backup, unlimited storage, management console, and 24/7 support.

The live support is what separates Altaro from the rest. Any kind of question or asking for additional information can be easily established throughout Altaro’s 24/7 live support. Try to get any live support from the great enterprises. You should be lucky if you find into their contact page while seeking for any kind of support.

If you are stuck with viruses issues to your Office 365, you probably have found your relief if you read this post.



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