How To Manage and Protect Cloud-Native Workloads

The pace of change in the IT world is accelerating.

Organizations are increasingly diversifying their technology portfolios, implementing new environments, and applying innovative new solutions. Enterprises achieve this by improving the premises’ infrastructure and using new edges and layouts of the public cloud.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, delivered by cloud services, help boost adoption by adding immediate business value. And, as a result of this portfolio diversification, organizations are implementing more operational and management tools across cloud, on-premise, and edge environments.

With its tremendous growth and market adoption, the public cloud is the primary driver for much of this change. And the public cloud undoubtedly brings several key benefits, including:

  • Flawless scalability: Up and down infrastructure on demand
  • CapEx to OpEx: The payment model as you eliminate costs for maintenance, property, and IT staff
  • Reduced infrastructure load: No physical locations or coverage by management staff

However, despite the abundance of benefits that the cloud brings, there are several challenges that businesses need to overcome, including increasing data management and protection.

A common misconception is that cloud data and workload data are inherently secure; that’s not correct. And uninformed and unprepared organizations can be vulnerable.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing provider, implements a shared responsibility model where security and compliance are shared between AWS and the client.

Upgrade your BaaS data management strategy

The public cloud is causing considerable changes in the IT landscape. Organizations need to make sure their cloud data and workload are secure as part of the Shared Responsibility Model, and often cloud solutions are not enough.

A state-of-the-art backup and restore service can provide fundamental security and compliance.

Backup as a “rescue service” (BaaS)

For many, it simply makes sense to protect calls from a native cloud data source with a cloud-based solution. A modernized BaaS solution will consolidate data and provide protection no matter where your data is located.

There are many benefits to using BaaS to help modernize your data management strategy, such as:

  • Predictable costs: eliminate CapEx with cloud-based subscription pricing
  • Simplified operations: single backup and recovery solution for all data across premises, edge, and cloud
  • IT agility: frees up IT staff time for strategic projects
  • Business value: Facilitates other uses of data and does more with data

Consolidating Backup Infrastructure

Legacy backup is a fragment of data across infrastructure silos, management systems, and locations, making it too complex for IT to find, protect, and exploit business differentiation. What is needed is a more straightforward way to use all your data.

BaaS infrastructure defined by software blockchain eliminates unnecessary data backups and handles mass data fragmentation by consolidating all data backups and applications on a single web-scale platform.


Finally, it is essential to note that most businesses have more than cloud data in their cloud environments. When looking at the big picture, organizations use SaaS and cover applications, deploy remote office/desktop locations, and maintain their mission-critical applications on-premises such as VMware, Oracle, etc.




Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski

Novica Gijevski is an individual delivering unmatched reliability and a well-experienced professional for business with an indicated record of performing.

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