Best Microsoft Office 365 backup for MSPs

Most of us, who are working in the digital area with the help of Office 365 tools, are under stress when we are not able to back up the email list, or backup content related to the work position you are in, etc. That being said, Microsoft is not offering you a backup for Office 365, even the fact that it is the most popular email platform on the market today.

How do you provide backup and restore of Microsoft Office 365 today? If your answer is “I’m not sure,” then I recommend you to continue to read until the end of this post. The backup and recovery provided by Microsoft and what users assume they receive are often very different. Microsoft Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, which protects the availability of users, not their data.

The reality is that you are responsible for copying and recovering Office 365 implementations.

Microsoft Office 365 provides a secure, highly accessible enterprise productivity service. In this post, I will enhance your knowledge concerning Microsoft Office 365 and how to backup your data based on experienced people who already did a great job with backing their data comfortably and productively.

Office 365 consists of several interconnected applications with different data types. Backup vendors retrieve application data and return it to Office 365 using Office 365 APIs.

Because Microsoft does not provide a single unified API for accessing all applications and data, developers need to use a combination of several new and legacy APIs to protect and restore Office 365 data. It is very labor-intensive and expensive to support every API and data type, so no vendor copies all Office 365 data. Instead, backup providers focus on the Microsoft 365 data and applications that they consider most relevant.

Everything started when a friend from Singapore called me and was desperate for a Microsoft Office 365 for MSP’s. He is working for a small MSP and has several Office 365 clients that needed a backup, including online Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive. He had to handle the things around and to find the appropriate solution because he said that his clients were furious and requested that he need to fix the whole issue within a week. He explained to me the whole case.

I got the idea since not so long ago, a software company that specialized for Office 365 backup, opened an office in my town Skopje and one close friend of mine started to work there. The company’s name is Altaro. Without any hesitation, I asked my friend about his working position (I barely ask people about their work position or status or how much is their paycheck, etc.). He said that he works in supporting customers, i.e., Altaro IT support. He got familiar with the issue and asked to establish contact with my friend living in Singapore.

Everything went great at the end. The guy from Singapore was ultimately satisfied since my close friend did an excellent job in guiding him to back up his data.

A single (monthly) subscription allowed him to back up and restore all of its clients’ mailboxes and files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive via a multi-tenant console.

Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSP is offering massive relief to all of you who are having issues when Microsoft Office 365 is necessary.

But anyway, why does Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs make the best Microsoft Office 365 backup for MSPs?

There are 3 main reasons why Altaro is the best Microsoft Office 365 backup for MSPs

  1. easy-to-use interface
  2. no fluff solution
  3. 24/7 award-winning support

Altaro Backup is slick and easy to use with a familiar interface to an already excellent product about Altaro VM backup. Backups they offer are reliable and restores are quite fast. It is definitely an invaluable tool for every IT person and MSP.

If you are an MSP, who are constantly looking for tools and services that deliver great performance and great value for money to the end customer, then the Altaro Backup is the right thing for you. With the introduction of Altaro Office 365 backup, they have delivered great service, and the product is simply priced, as it is a flat-rate per mailbox service, and it is simple to configure.

From logging in to the portal to the first backup, it is a simple 15-minute process. What is also essential to remember is that data is safe to a secure cloud backup location hosted by Altaro.

Anyway, one of the crucial “heroes” to fulfill the triumphant story of Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs is the Altaro Support that is available 24/7 — already awarded on many occasions.

No matter how right the solution is, each environment is unique and unexpected problems occur. If something goes wrong, you need to be able to rely on fast, familiar, and practical support.

Thereby, Altaro is committed to providing this within a couple of minutes, though. Their team consists of experts on standby, no chatbots, nor any middleman around, not even an answering machine for canned responses.

Altaro’s advantage over great enterprises is in the support team. While many enterprises are oriented on chatbots or FAQ, Altaro’s support team of experts will always be at your disposal (just the way my close friend did to the guy from Singapore). And it doesn’t mean at all if I was the connection between the two, you can clearly check this out even without my help. Contact the Altaro support team right away to confirm everything I wrote about them and their extraordinary 24/7 support team.

Altaro’s team of experts is ready and waiting to answer your requests on Office 365, VMware, and Hyper-V backup and at any time you want/need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their guaranteed call response is estimated to be less than a minute, which makes them the best in the industry.

PS If you are confronting the same issues as my buddy from Singapore, then don’t hesitate much and contact Altaro immediately. Also, if you are “shy” enough to establish a direct connection with them, in this case, I encourage you to contact me if you prefer this way.

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