Your company data is essential, and having proper backups is a crucial part of storing that data.

Whether a hardware breakdown or a cyber attack, your business will stop unless you have appropriate plans and data backups when a disaster strikes.

Managing backup solutions established by a managed service provider (MSP) is one of the best ways to ensure that your organization has secure and secure access to your data when the unexpected happens.

What Is a Managed Backup?

Managed backup is tracking that is set up to check the integrity of your company backups.

Typically, a small to medium-sized business partners with a managed service provider for this kind of service.

Managed backups can also assist…

Office 365 users, end-users, and administrators do not typically back up their Office 365 mailbox data. They believe their data is protected in the cloud. But it is a good practice to back up your e-mail and other Office 365 items.

Office 365 users, end-users, and administrators do not typically back up their Office 365 mailbox data.

They believe their data is protected in the cloud. But it is a good practice to back up your e-mail and other Office 365 items.

Office 365 has a built-in method by which you can back up PST files. Several Office 365 backup tools can export Office 365 mailboxes.

Why Do You Need Office 365 Backups?

The Office 365 platform allows users to store data in the cloud. However, cloud data is universally available.

So, it can be subject to unauthorized access and hacking. …

Emails have been around for half a century. In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. Shortly afterward, in 1978, Gary Turk launched his first email campaign, which resulted in $13 million in sales, fostering the face of marketing.

There are billions of email users globally, which is almost half of the world’s population today. Half the world is on email, so what are you waiting for?

The marketing industry is pushing over the “limit”, and a great email marketing campaign is essential to any business globally.

Email marketing serves as the primary component of customer acquisition programs for companies in all industries.

It sure is one of the earliest methods of digital communication, but email still dominates when used.

Email marketing is one of the most critical types of direct marketing. Naturally, it uses email campaigns to connect…

Businesses rely profoundly on email to interact with people, yet companies lack adequate security. The biggest reason so far seems to be that cybercriminals are no longer behind the company’s systems. Instead, they focus on the company’s customers.

Email security is of utmost importance to any business. We are not saying that everyone working in the organization must be aware of the security of email.

But anyone involved in transmitting sensitive information must understand the weaknesses and recognize the importance of a secure email system.

Hence, it is crucial to establish security practices, especially those that focus on email behavior.

Once you have an ampler understanding of email behavior and the threats that surround it, you can place policies and regulations to ensure the security of your business.

Never take security for email. The age of technology has…

Let’s say you are an IT director for a business company that recently migrated to Microsoft 365, and the organization is now taking advantage of the great features of Microsoft 365.

You are off to a great start until one of your company executives calls to tell you that by accident, you permanently deleted a file saved in OneDrive.

You are not too worried, assuming a local copy must be saved somewhere, but the search turns out to be empty.

Now what? The most important step might be to see if the user has OneDrive installed locally on their machine…

Windows Storage Server equips organizations with the outstanding performance, productivity, resilience, affordability, and versatility of industry-standard hardware.

Entrepreneurial IT administrators need to stay updated with Windows Server storage management methods to maintain a high availability and reduce performance blockages.

This section also explores storage tracking tools that alert IT when a problem occurs.

Servers are heavy loaders of IT. They power the internet, email, enterprise-level applications, databases, local area networks, and more.

While most users hold a superficial understanding of servers, system administrators and IT specialists must understand them intimately.

You must be able to configure, deploy, and maintain various…

As you may have heard, Ransomware is a malicious program that encrypts your files, making them unreadable and useless to you.

It may include redemption payment instructions, usually by sending a cryptocurrency to obtain the decryption key.

Successful Ransomware attacks typically use vital, time-sensitive systems.

Victims, such as public services and medical facilities, are more likely to have poor or zero recovery processes, leaving governments or insurance providers to reward attackers with ransom payments.

What’s the Idea Behind Ransomware

The idea behind Ransomware, a form of malware, is simple: Lock and encrypt the data on the victim’s computer or device…

Vital data loss can cause irreparable damage. Each company must ask itself — does our data is adequately protected?

Everybody should be aware of the brain-twister situation concerning data loss and prevent unwanted occurrences. There is the need to protect your privacy from hackers, spies, or rigged employees.

A complete guide can make the difference between losing your accounts online or maintaining what is now a precious commodity: your privacy.

Privacy is deemed as a concept regularly recognized in multiple countries, with specific changes in rules and regulations here and there, regularly offered only in the name of the common…

You may believe that Microsoft fully supports Office 365 data as part of the subscription, but that is not the case. Office 365 is not built to provide data protection services.

  • Microsoft does not provide natural backup options for Office 365 mailboxes. Although Microsoft is responsible for providing the infrastructure and running Office 365, it is the customer’s responsibility to protect their Office 365 data.
  • Microsoft can not help with unexpected data loss or damage. If mailbox items are deleted, damaged, or destroyed, a robust backup solution will save your day, ensuring you have access to a backup. …

Email is vital to your business. Even if you do not rely on email to communicate inside the office, it is your primary means of communicating with your clients.

In addition, order status updates, inventory notifications, delivery updates, and more are managed via email.

Email is also one of your most important marketing tools. Even with the increasing use of text messaging, social media, and live chat in e-commerce, email marketing remains essential to reaching your audience.

Email is the surest way to inform your customers about promotions.

Marketing newsletters are a long-standing and powerful tool for attracting returning customers…

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